Silesian Festival of Ludwig van Beethoven


Events from these historic times are celebrated through the annual organization of the Silesian Festival of Ludwig van Beethoven. The originator and the first main organized of event, which was dedicated to the memory of the composer, was known musicologist, Zbigniew Pawlicki and Singing Society “Harp” from Warsaw. For organization of the festival also where engaging longtime directors Głogówek Museum, Albert Szyndzielorz and Barbara Grzegorczyk.

In 2006, Głogówek celebrated the 200th anniversary when Beethoven stay in town at the Oppersdorff Castle . On this occasion, on August 11, in the Church of St. Bartholomew played Orchestra Junges Klangforum Mitte Europa, with soloist Tomasz Tomaszewski, under the baton of Jana Krzysztof Penderecki. In the program was Beethoven’s Symphony IV, as well as Penderecki’s Violin Concerto and a small Orchestra Of Overture Spielman.

Festival Menu offers music very diverse and each year a bunch of regular listeners is growing. From the season in 2008, the Festival Director is Jacek Woleński – a famous writer and music journalist. On the following tabs and pages we provide all major materials for the Silesian Festival; current and archival programs, galleries, and the most important news about the Festival.


The most important music event in Głogówek was associated with the staying German composer Ludwig van Beethoven. It was the only visit the master in Silesia.

In 1806 Beethoven came to Silesia at the invitation of the Duke, to possessions in Graetz (Hradec nad moravicí) and Troppau (Opava). His stay enrolled also in the history of Głogówek You ask how?

Beethoven has arrived to this small village in the autumn of 1806. In this time Franz Joachim Wenzl Oppersdorff as the eighth owner of the property ruled in the Głogówek’s castle. Joachim Wenzl Oppersdorff loved the music. At the same time, in the castle was an excellent Orchestra which the conductor was Haszke. Specifically for the Beethoven castel’s Orchestra played Symphony II. The concert became the beginning of friendly contacts of the composer and count. During his stay at the local Castle Beethoven played himself on several occasions. He also works on the 5th Symphony in C minor, op. 67. The host ordered for 500 guilders. However, difficult material conditions have forced Beethoven in the meantime to resell the ordered work to someone else. From this time also preserved correspondence between Beethoven and Oppersdorff. In 1808 was completed the IV Symphony in B-dur op. 60, which originated during the stay of the composer in Silesia. The latter, Beethoven dedicated was for count after two years, posting the name of the Oppersdorffa to score. Manuscript compositions is today in the possession of the last of living in Bad Homburg in Germany.

Śląski Festiwal im. Ludwiga van Beethovena
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